img_20180705_174027_0102783601381460191211.jpg POEMS: AN EXPLORATION OF LIFE is available on Amazon right now in paperback or Kindle if you like.

This is my first book and if you like the Quotes of the Day you will enjoy the book a great deal and encourage you to go check it out!  I would appreciate it 🙂

These poems are truly an exploration of my life from a number of years covering relationships, religion, and general observations.

I am very happy to have finally gotten this book to press.  It has truly been a dream of mine to make it happen.  I appreciate all the support I have had along the way when I finally made it known I wanted to do it, as well as all the readers and listeners, for that is the whole reason for getting this material out there.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You can purchase it through Amazon in paperback or E-book.  Paperbacks can be ordered from the US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, and JP sites.  The E-book can be purchased on the same plus Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and India amazon sites.  So the book is worldwide, don’t miss you your chance thinking that it can only be purchased at the US site!  So follow the link here POEMS: AN EXPLORATION OF LIFE and I truly you hope you enjoy the poems.

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