What Brings Us Together

What is it that attracts some to the day and others to the night? Is the heaviness one feels in the heart and soul just spark a kindred link when gazing upon nights face and luna's glow? Or, the joyful blissfulness that goes with those who always have a positive outlook a harbinger of the … Continue reading What Brings Us Together


Man’s Failing

Mechanized nightmare unleashed upon us. Man and machine are merging in a mess. God's conflagration, our immolation. Suffering at His behest. Sculpting us through our walk in this abyss. That which was evolving through their demonic whisper. Self direction lost. God's mandate handed to beings who were cast out and left stranded. Parasites leeching, weakness … Continue reading Man’s Failing

In the Fog

Driving through fog is alot like living life. Everything is cloudy, wispy, and unclear. Things come upon you, materialize instantly, startle and amaze, then disappear, to never be seen again. Friendships and loves, dislikes and faves, come and go like ships passing in the night. One thing to remember, is the feeling of peace, empowerment … Continue reading In the Fog