The World Suffers

The world groans In its agony. For decadence Pollutes its people. Darkness enriches itself As light is snuffed out, Everywhere retreating, Disappearing. The art of butchery Is highly honed As war spreads Its tendrils Across the globe. Terrorizing the weak, Emboldening the strong. Suffering has become The norm which Life is based upon. ©2018 If … Continue reading The World Suffers

Man’s Failing

Mechanized nightmare unleashed upon us. Man and machine are merging in a mess. God's conflagration, our immolation. Suffering at His behest. Sculpting us through our walk in this abyss. That which was evolving through their demonic whisper. Self direction lost. God's mandate handed to beings who were cast out and left stranded. Parasites leeching, weakness … Continue reading Man’s Failing