Unica Zürn the Surrealist (Updated)

Unica Zürn was a member of the Surrealist Movement.  She was an artist and a writer. Unica is most remembered for her anagram poetry, her very weird artwork, and her photograph collaboration with Hans Bellmer. I would have to say that from what all I have read, the majority of her books are littered with … Continue reading Unica Zürn the Surrealist (Updated)


The Trumpets of Jericho by Unica Zürn

The Trumpets of Jericho is a very short work that took a surprising amount of time to read. Written by Unica Zürn in 1968. The translators introduction was very beneficial and honestly absolutely necessary to begin to understand anything about the book. Tortured and painful, littered with autobiographical details the stories unfold in a kaleidoscope … Continue reading The Trumpets of Jericho by Unica Zürn