Vivo: The Life of Gustav Meyrink

Vivo: The Life of Gustav Meyrink (Dark Master Series) by Mike Mitchell is the only English language biography for Meyrink.  Therefore it is hard to make any comparisons to anything else out there for me. I would have to say that book is pretty good.  Obviously it was good enough that I devoured it in … Continue reading Vivo: The Life of Gustav Meyrink

Gustav Meyrink (Supernatural Fiction Author)

Gustav Meyrink was the pseudonym of Gustav Meyer an Austrian author who was born January 19, 1868 and died December 4, 1932. He was a highly recognized figure in the genre of "supernatural fiction." Gustav was very much involved with the occult and in many of his novels that knowledge is apparent.  He was a member of … Continue reading Gustav Meyrink (Supernatural Fiction Author)