We Can’t Stop

Long ago the gift of butchery was granted, and people gleefully took up the standard.  Experience led to greater slaughter, spreading hence, twisted corpses, demons dance. The weak, pitiful sheep lie terrorized from the fury of the onslaught.  Slayed are their dreams of a life where love rules. In our sin lies our power, the … Continue reading We Can’t Stop

ASPEN for Men

Aspen for Men by Coty, originally produced by Quintessence, was launched in 1989 and is an Aromatic Fougere. I cannot find any information on who was the nose behind this scent or anything else for that matter. The top notes are bergamot, galbanum, green notes and lemon.  The middle notes are coriander, cyclamen, geranium, jasmine, … Continue reading ASPEN for Men