jovan sex appealJovan’s extremely popular Sex Appeal for Men is the next retro cologne I am taking a look at this week.  Jovan is one of the brands that I am going to try and explore in as a complete manner that I can considering it covers the entire era that I am looking at.

This particular cologne came out in 1975.  There is such little information that I can find on this product it is rather ridiculous.  I have read that Murray Moscona was the perfumer behind the product but I cannot find other verification on that.

This was one of the big competitors for the Disco era scene.  Many people compare it to Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur which I am looking forward to checking out myself once my bottle arrives.  Look forward to its review.

There is not much of a note pyramid to this cologne.  Fragrantica simply says Green Notes and Spices.

I have had to wear this one a few times to really get a feel on it and I am still having difficulty picking up on some of the scents.  It is really strong and chemical at the beginning.  Not so much in a bad way but, whew, it is strong so be wary.  That top note goes really quickly though and then the show begins.

The third time I wore this I was able to detect at the beginning a boozy quality which was really interesting.  Add to it the sweetness and the spiciness that competes yet balances each other out and it is just plain awesome.

Cinnamon is to me hugely predominant, I do believe I get a Sandalwood scent in there towards the middle and there is just a muskiness about it all around that really sucks you in to the scent journey.  Someone actually said to me it smells like Christmas and I would agree.  The best part of Christmas if I may say so myself.

It has decent projection and I think a fair sillage as well.

This is definitely one cologne that will be a permanent part of my collection for as long as I can get it.

You can get it in a couple sizes Jovan Sex Appeal by Jovan for Men – 3 Ounce Cologne Spray and a Jovan Musk for Men, After Shave Cologne, Sex Appeal, 4 fl. oz., Men’s Fragrance .  The aftershave would be interesting to try out.

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