Welcome to my site!

You never know what will show up on this page or my blog.

I love books first and foremost and I am a poet.  My style of poetry is varied and changes with the moods of my mind.  I do enjoy writing metered and rhymed poems as much as open verse and in poetic prose.  I am beginning to probe into ordinary prose but am not sure where that will go, but it is fun.

My first book can be found here POEMS: AN EXPLORATION OF LIFE available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.  This volume is life driven so to speak.  Experiences, love, dislikes, religion, all have their parts in these poems.  Broken into separate parts of my life, those unique and altering experiences, as they happened.  Truly, fragments of my life as they survived on pieces of paper that had to be gathered together and saved before they became lost.  Truly, in my opinion, a crowning achievement for myself considering how old some of these were as well as how much digging I did to find them all.  To me this book is an altar to what once was and it has allowed me to begin the process of evolving into who I am becoming now.  Enjoy!

Currently I am in the process of putting together my second book of poems which will be titled Poems:  Umber Dreams and Other Writings.  Hoping to have it out soon.  I am very excited about this volume, it continues what began in my first book and starts to show how I have evolved.  Very good stuff if I may say so myself.

To look for other current poetry books on the market now click on this link … poetry search  The poetry field is constantly changing and it is exciting to see more books being published every year, which of course means more readers 🙂