Aspen for men

Aspen for Men by Coty, originally produced by Quintessence, was launched in 1989 and is an Aromatic Fougere. I cannot find any information on who was the nose behind this scent or anything else for that matter.

The top notes are bergamot, galbanum, green notes and lemon.  The middle notes are coriander, cyclamen, geranium, jasmine, lavender, juniper and orange blossom.  The base notes are amber, cedar, oakmoss, musk and balsam fir according to Fragrantica.  While basenotes has it much simpler:  Top notes lemon, bergamot, mint.  Middle notes lavender, vetiver.  Base notes oakmoss, amber.

This one of the colognes I have been eager to try out for my exploration of older scents.  So without further ado let us continue into the review.

This has a very citrusy and green scent at the head.  Strong and sharp but not harsh.  It fairly quickly mellows down to a slightly sweet and lavender scented odor which is pleasing.

The fir/cedar combination comes through fairly early on, nice and subtle, but definitely making itself noticed.

On my skin within the half hour I can still smell it a couple inches away.  After an hour or more it is almost a skin scent.  To me the sillage is rather soft so one will definitely need to get into my personal sphere to enjoy this.

Overall it has a nice scent, somewhat clean and woodsy fresh.  The best thing in the world though is how much it costs!  So you can spray away all the day through and never feel bad about how much it is costing you!  See it here at this link Aspen by Coty 4.0 oz 118 ml for Men Eau De Cologne.  Under 10 dollars what a steal!

I like it and think it is a keeper.  Might have to decant me some into a mobile sprayer so I can keep it fresh through the day though.

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