Dakar from the house Al-Rehab in Saudi Arabia.


Al Rehab was established in 1975 according to their website even though Fragrantica says it’s brand dates from 2014.  Obviously there is an issue here considering they have over 183 perfumes listed.  Either they are very busy or there is a rather large error on their part!

This particular cologne was brought to my attention because it had a great amount of similarity to Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir  drakkar noir

which I really like as well.  This is one that my girlfriend actually turned me on to.  She says it reminds her of home because all the men of her family wore it when she was young.

But, I digress, so back to Dakar.  What we have with this cologne is what is categorized as a Woody Aromatic on Fragrantica.

The fragrance features sage, amber, moss, sandalwood, agarwood (oud), cedar, spicy notes, and watery notes.

When you first spray this it starts off really heavy on the sage with a bit of spice peaking through.  It is very green in its composition all the way through but it does start to sweeten up as it dries down.

I really do like this cologne, almost better than Drakkar Noir.  In fact it is stronger that the current formulation of Drakkar Noir which gives it a definite leg up against it.

I typically get at least 4-5 hours of scent on my skin with a good hour or so of projection.

You can get this as Dakar – 6ml (.2oz) Roll-on Perfume Oil by AlRehab (Box of 6) or as Dakar – Al-Rehab Eau De Natural Perfume Spray – 50 ml (1.65 fl. oz) for an incredible low price.  Don’t let the price fool you on the products performance in the least, it is some really good stuff.

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