Why is it that those who did the least

in the Armed Forces are the most

vocal about the “achievements”

they did?  How many engagements

were you forced to endure?

None?  Never even deployed I am sure.

Yet, you are so full of yourself,

proud as a peacock, little puff.

Why don’t you sit down, shut up,

for it’s getting way to deep

for me.  It’s one thing to be proud,

vain is another story.  You should

take a cue from the one sitting

in the corner just stewing,

yet keeping his mouth shut.

I will tell you he has seen some shit

and you don’t hear him a yelling

it out at the top of his lungs, spilling

his guts to every person who will listen.

Not everyone can comprehend when

they hear about the realities faced

on the battlefield, bloody laced

webs spread across the land

of the sun soaked sand.

Some things are meant to be shared

only with brothers, not openly bared.


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