I have for a long time broken poetry down into a couple categories.  Sensual/emotion and intellectual.

Both to me are enjoyable and depending on my mood, one or the other is preferred.

The vast majority of the poetry I write falls in the sensual/emotion category.  I find it the easiest for me to transmit my thoughts through feelings, and imagery that a reader can visualize themselves.  Many times the poems are highly personal which heavily flavors the wording.

Everything that happens around me inspires, from the painting hanging on the wall with all its differing images or the scents that waft into my nostrils from the cologne or perfume hanging in the air.

All can trigger emotions, or insights into not only the world about you but also the world within you.

Speaking of that you might see more posts on random subjects like cologne just because scent triggers so much in my mind at times.  Some might think it offhand and strange but I don’t.  Considering how much can influence a poets life and all.

Now the second category, Intellectual, is one I write in occasionally.  In my forthcoming second book I have more samples of that in there.  Exploration of philosophical concepts, entertainment of religious ideas, lives of heroes like an epic poem even, to me all fall into this category.

Though not always the most entertaining, unless you are heavily intellectual, it almost always gives me food for thought.  Which in turn will, like a seed once planted, burst forth at a later date into some emotional rant on my part.

Not sure if this is entirely helpful to anybody or not.  Mostly this is just me and how I look at things and if it touches on something in somebody reading it give me a holler in the comments section.

Now onward to the next sensual experience and some more poems 🙂



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