Demons are like repressed DNA strands

that are activated due to some traumatic stress,

or damage, to that which is good.

Which begs the question;

How many demons can a body have?

Is the body on its own

sinful or does it require thought

to make it so.

Do the thoughts we have

create the cancer,

which is sin,

where demons are borne

into the body?

How does one kill a cancer?

One can cut it out,

but it may come back,

or, one may starve it to death.

Literally fasting,

and praying.

Fasting kills cancer through deprivation

of physical nutrients to cancer cells

and praying calms the soul and mind

to lend itself better prepared

for the healing.

The body is born into sin

and is imperfect yet,

is the temple of God

made in His likeness.

The body is the host for the lusts

of the flesh yet these lusts

wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for

one’s mind, one’s thoughts.

These are the vehicles

which sin uses to poison

the body,

without which the body

is perfect in its creation.

Since no one can completely control

their thoughts,

and keep absolutely pure,

there will always be ramifications

to the body.

The wages of sin is death,

this is what we are told.

Sin destroys,


and spoils the body.

The pure and holy temple of God

is laid waste due to the free will

of man and his complicity

in his demonic,

cancerous vices.

© 2018

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