Today has been a rather chill day.  Did a little work on the outside then went out for a bite to eat and stopped off at Marshall’s to see what they had that was new.

Then I ran into these little babies and well just had to have them.


Now I love me some John Varvatos and this is one I didn’t have so, blam, mine!  Kanon is one that I had heard about and wanted to find.  I nearly walked right by it without seeing it but thankfully I didn’t.  It has a sweet woodsy scent going for it which is rather nice.  Vetiver Citron I got home and said yep I want to get my nose on that one right now.  It is a little weak but it does smell good.

Overall a good day for bargain hunting.  I hope everybody’s day is going as well as mine is, until next time!

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