What a nice way to come home after a long, long day than to find a box on the doorstep.

At first I was like what the heck could this be, because after all I am losing my mind and can’t remember what I may have ordered one day to the next.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up and found Jovan Ginseng N R G and the original Stetson!

Two more old school colognes to add to the growing collection, my current obsession lol.

Was able to get a nice whiff of them both while sitting here at the computer, both are nice.  The Stetson starts off real strong and a little sweet but it is good to go.

Looking forward to giving these some time to get the feel of them and write up a review.

Well that is all the goods I got for today so enjoy it for what it is and if you got some nice smelling stuff, spray away and let me know what you are really liking at the moment in the comments!

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