Lately after doing a lot of reading I have started to become more interested in collecting and exploring the older colognes of the past.  Particularly anything 80’s and older.  Anything from my youngest years and before is not only going to be nostalgic but just alot of fun I believe.  I remember seeing those old Avon car bottles sitting in my parents bathroom with fond memories.  I may not choose to explore Avon products though.  Depends on what I find.

The list I have compiled is crazy long and as of now I only have a handful of them.  But that is the challenge.

There are a great many of these colognes that are still around today and despite the fact that, I would say, everyone of them has been reformulated at some point in their journey maybe even more than once, they are still around because they are good stuff.

I know I still have an original Polo splash bottle and I am really interested in seeing how it now compares to the reformulated Polo. I know that my Polo’s scent has had to change as well over the years from oxidation I think since it is a splash and not a spray.  There are probably top notes I haven’t smelled for years lol.

Surely I will probably never be able to test a great many originals with their counterparts today.  The cost would probably be to much as well as time spent just finding unused old stuff!  There is though a rather large market for that on ebay though.  Ahh the bane of all our lives yet the provider of so much joy.

I think singling out a single designer and slowly getting the entire line (at least what is possible to find) is another thing I am probably going to try out.  Jovan pops into my mind.  Not only is it an older line and fitting into my goal nicely, but it also is still readily available.

I think the idea of observing the evolution of the scent DNA from one release to another is what I find the most fascinating.  For example I have John Varvatos John Varvatos from 2004, which is the first of the line, and then later on I tried his Artisan Acqua from 2013 and somewhere in the middle of it I distinctly caught the scent of the original in there despite all the extra bells and whistles of that release.  I think that right there was the clencher and the main reason for me embarking on this journey.  I blame John.

If anybody has any favorite ones that they remember or know about how about commenting and letting me know.  It is possible it may not be on my list.

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