Folio luca turin

At one time or another if you have read anything on modern perfumery you have come across Luca Turin and one of his books either by himself or with his much more lovely partner in crime Tania Sanchez.

In Folio Columns, we have Luca Turin at his finest.  Short and sweet, witty at times, and not withholding cheap shots on the occasion.

These articles were written for a Swiss magazine called NZZ Folio, which spanned an eleven year period between 2003 and 2014.  The first batch of columns exclusively talked about scent, perfumes and the industry in general, all of which had very interesting tidbits of information about everything.  I particularly enjoyed learning about the various design houses and older perfumes.

The second batch of columns were something I gather that wasn’t so much supposed to happen.  Luca wanted to stop writing them and the editors gave him a new focus to write about which kept him going.  They were an one vs another type of column in example light vs heavy and etc.  These were not my favorite articles but they were nonetheless still fairly interesting just reading his thoughts on whatever subject he decided to pontificate upon.

Overall it is a fine book to have on the shelf.  I am sure I will reread the first section of columns again at a later date while daydreaming about the next cologne I am looking to find.

You can find it here in kindle Folio Columns 2003-2014 or in paperback Folio Columns 2003-2014

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