maritine for him tommy bahama

Tommy Bahama Maritime For Men was launched in 2016.  Falling under the category of Aromatic Aquatic this composition has notes of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Clary Sage, Lavender and Water Lily.

Frank Voelkl was the creator of this scent.

Top notes consist of Clary sage, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, and Lavender.  Middle notes of Ambergris, Geranium, Violet Leaf, Jasmine and Water Lily.  Base notes consist of Moss, Musk, Cedar, and Sandalwood.

The top notes to me blended and was difficult to catch them individually, so am not sure how to describe the overall effect. I was able to get the clary sage, and there was a nice warming spicy kick with the pink pepper I would assume but everything else was a blur.

Toward the middle stage you really start to get a development of sea salt in the scent which is really awesome and strong and then almost as if the wind changes direction and starts bringing a breeze from inland a slight sweetness from the jasmine and water lily, very nice touch.

The base notes have a slight deepness and some higher scents peeking through possibly from the sandalwood. Overall a nice scent for the spring or summer perhaps.

I like it a fair bit.  Simply being able to recreate the beach effect with the salt in the breeze was like taking me back to the last time I hit the beach.  All I needed was some wind in my face, sea gulls mewing, and people walking about on the beach to complete the scene.  Of course I can do this in my head as well and all from the comfort of my own sofa with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Best of both worlds!

And what more can one say about the bottle!  Look at that thing isn’t it gorgeous?  I like creative bottles and this one ties into the theme perfectly.

With this cologne you have a couple options to buy if you want. Tommy Bahama Maritime Cologne, 4.2 fl. oz. which isn’t a bad deal and then a nice gift set Tommy Bahama Maritime Gift Set, 3.4 Fl Oz.  I haven’t tried the the body wash and all but I bet it smells pretty awesome if it is as nice as the cologne.  Just like crawling out of the ocean itself with the salt drying on your skin.  Mmmm mmm.

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