Past couple of weeks I have found myself in a period of exploration.  Instead of writing regular poems I have been experimenting with Micro Poetry.  I think the verdict is still out on how I or my general reading audience really enjoys the stuff.

It’s like I can understand the attraction of writing poems in such a condensed manner.  A burst of poetic inspiration so to speak.

Definitely not enough room to explore an idea unless I was to string a bunch of Micro Poems together day after day, which isn’t a bad idea.

I have also been playing a little bit with picture poems, AKA Concrete or Graphic Poetry.

I have never worked with this form of poetry before.  I guess I have felt in the past that it was just to modern of a construct for me to appreciate it.

Not sure if anything of this type will make it here on this forum unless somebody expresses an interest for me to do so.

It is definitely different to say the least.

Will have to wait and see how long this play period will last before I get back to more serious stuff.

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