I feel like I am getting a little dark in my writings lately.  That and my readings have also been in that direction too.  I read a little and stuff just starts to bubble up almost like a volcano, violent and explosive.

Fortunately for me I like to explore both sides of the spectrum.

I know that by doing so it enables me to explore further my being in all of its glory.

I hope by doing so I eventually am able to come to true balance.  Of course, if I do come to balance will I have anything more to write about?

Interesting question….

2 thoughts on “Dark Moods

  1. Haha yes I feel at times when I am most balanced the creativity withers away and dries up and stops flowing from me. In balance, I am at peace and so the need for expression is not as great. I love to bounce from extremes. I feel that by understanding the extremes of situations we are able to challenge our beliefs and better understand all the shades of grey that exist in between.

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    1. Absolutely! Being pushed to the edge of life has always been critical to getting my juices flowing. But the one thing that I have learned over the past couple years is that the stagnation of peace has its uses as well. Learning form and rhythm, and simply opening up to see the rest of the world that surrounds you as well. All good lessons 🙂

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