It is crazy how a few spritz of cologne

can change my whole attitude

for the day.

Aromatherapy for the soul

as I like to call it.

I don’t care if people think

it is to much or not.

I want to be able to smell it

when the day becomes rough

so it can send me back

to the moment I put it on

so early in the morning

when the day had just begun

and there wasn’t a worry

in the world as of yet.


Each scent

such a delight

to the senses.

That is why I have

so many to choose from.


One never knows the mood

they will find themselves in.

With scents we can become


one complementing the other,

closing the circle of being.

It is like loving yourself

only through your sense of smell

rather than your heart.


© 2018

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